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I cannot believe this community has been around so long without me joining it.

Hello, I'm Ann, or Annabelle, depending on how well you know me. I first read The Basic Eight when I was..11? Or 12, whichever. I was a big fan of A Series of Unfortunate Events and decided to pursue Daniel Handler's other books. The Basic Eight is now my favorite book, with Watch Your Mouth close behind. Seeing as none of my real-life friends have read The Basic Eight, I'd love an oppritunity to discuss it with people.

Age: 13
Location: Chicago. Not the suburbs, I hate when people take credit for living in the city when they don't actually want to live in it.
Real Life Basic Eight References/Connections: ..Well, I met Daniel Handler. Which counts, so there.

Hi Kate, Kirby, and Alison.
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