hello_dahling (hello_dahling) wrote in thebasic8,

Hey there! I'm so glad to have stumbled upon this community, I can never really have deep conversation about The Basic Eight with any of my friends, although I have recommended it to a few, who absolutely adore it.

Part of the allure of the book that has made it so entertaining for me (and for so many of you as well, I presume), is the fact that new questions and revelations arise every time I flip through it. One of the details I noticed that is repeated throughout the book, is the fact that Natasha's belongings are often made of substandard material.

The flask is fake silver, the dress is imitation silk, her hair is dyed black, as well as other instances that have yet to be discovered by yours truly. Perhaps these footnotes help to contribute to the argument of whether she is a real person or not.

I was wondering if any of you had noticed these details before. I've seen that the Natasha debate has already occurred, so I won't drag that old coat out of the closet.

I have an older copy, with the picture of the croquet mallet and balls, and it's falling to pieces. After reading it for the first time (four or five years ago, I was twelve at the time), I thought that the book should definitely be made into a movie, and I'm very happy to hear that it's in the process of doing so now. By chance, do any of you know what production company or director are attached to the film?

In any case, I'm charmed to have found this community, and thank you for simply existing. I look forward to further discussion.
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