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Okay...I've got a question for everyone. How do you explain The Basic Eight in such a way that it does justice to the sheer awesomeness (I think I invented a word hehe) of the book? It just seems like, however I try to describe it, I can't make it sound appealing, even though it's one of my favorite books. Case in point: I was talking to my boyfriend last night, and he asked me what I've been reading (he's well aware that I'm a bookoholic). When I mentioned that I was re-reading The Basic Eight, he asked me what it was about, so I said something like this: "It's about this group of eight high school students, and one of the girls falls in love with a guy. He doesn't love her back, and by the end of the book, she kills him. The book is told in her own (edited) words, almost as a sort of re-written memoir." [Before I continue, I'll admit that I suck at plot descriptions, even though I love reading and analyzing literature. But I digress.] What made my explanation truly horrible is that I next remarked, "And it's soooo funny." Congratulations, Kelly, on sounding like an insane supporter of murder. We were on the phone, and there was a moment of stupefied silence, as though he were processing what I had said and allowing a mental picture to form -- one of me wielding an axe (or croquet mallet, if he'd read the book). I tried to explain that it was a dark comedy, but at that point, I'd already dug myself a little too deep and ended up changing the subject instead. So, back to my original question, kinda: have any of you succeeded in recommending this novel in such a way that your friends can't wait to read it? I've also been trying to convince my brother to check it out but haven't been able to make it sound appealing enough. Help me out! Thanks in advance.
~ Kelly :0)
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