Kate (katetherobot) wrote in thebasic8,

So, I need to hand in my selection for a senior quote to the school yearbook staff by this Friday, which means that I have no clue what I should do. I've decided that since there is no way my senior quote is going to be "meaningful" ("Dudez, this spacekraft landed in ur puuding, lolinjoke" ~~ my BFF Dudemeister John) or inspiring ("For attractive lips, speak words of kindness blahblahblah cheesy bullshit"), I'm going to quote something by Daniel Handler. Unfortunately, my friend is using my copy of The Basic Eight and even though I'm going to re-read Watch Your Mouth for inspiration, I think it'd be a lot more fitting to quote Natasha or Flan. I'm considering the part at the end where Flannery says something about more kids arriving every day, but again, I don't have my books, so I can't get the exact quote. Who wants to help me out?

Could someone point me to a good website with lots of The Basic Eight quotes or suggest a really good Flan/Natasha quote for my senior quote? The only regulations are that it can't be more than 25 words long and it probably can't contain any obscene words. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
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